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Web Standards

What's a web standard?

.... and why should I care?

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) - founded by Tim Berners-Lee - have created these standards to make the web work better for everyone. The flag-bearers for the adoption of web standards are WaSP. New browsers, mainly, support these W3C standards; old browsers, mostly, don't.

What's the point?

When we truly separate style from content we make our pages available to any browser or internet device. Also, the time and effort we all put in to support older, incompatable browser versions could be better spent. What could be better - no longer coding and maintaining many versions of the same code base.

Get the latest browser

These browsers mostly support the W3C standards. Of course, there are other browsers but last time we looked the support for standards was minimal or their sites were down. If you know a browser that should be included then please let us know.

For a brief critique of some of these browsers and their support for the W3C Web Standards, check the WaSP browser upgrade page.

Further reference ...

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